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Montecarlo Yacht Club

10 Days of Culture

An important and prestigious art exhibition was displayed during Autumn of 2019 at the Montecarlo Yacht Club.
In collaboration with the Société des Arts, we created 10 days of culture with the showcasing of 30 artworks from private collectors.
A unique international event made to enhance a selection of carefully studied and analyzed works from private collections, thus presenting them to the public through a temporary art exhibition with free admission.
A fusion of ancient, modern and contemporary pieces from Renaissance artists such as Giampietrino and Tiepolo, to Guttuso, Schifano, Adami and even up to contemporary artists such as Nadia Fanelli, Battaglini, Accardi, Reka Nyiari and the wonderful sculptures of Jivko Sedlarski, represented in Italy exclusively by Masterpieces Group.
The exhibition’s closing was celebrated through a dinner which ended to be a great success, where 200 unique personalities, from private collectors and prominent entrepreneurs to Russian oligarchs, attended and tasted refined food while wrapped in those prestigious artworks, with the possibility of purchasing them directly.

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