Artshow Exhibitions & Art Events

Art within everyone’s reach

Events like these demonstrate how a professional and exceptional art management can make the difference in enhancing the works on an international level, as well as creating new synergies and opportunities for brands, companies and entrepreneurs.






for brands, companies and entrepreneurs

There are several and interesting opportunities that we may offer through this kind of exhibition:

  • For locations, the possibility of creating site-specific events, increasing the value of one’s image through the works of great value that are exhibited;
  • Partnership in the realization of this kind of art event,
  • Sponsorship: possibility to become sponsor of the art event,
  • Tailor Made Events: we can create other typologies of tailor-made events, based on the specific needs of brands or companies
  • Advertising in the periodic art magazine – The Art Master series – , and reaching, through its distribution, prestigious locations such as museums, golf clubs, exclusive clubs, professionals, important lounges, art collectors, auction houses and important Italian and European families.

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