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Events like these demonstrate how a professional and exceptional art management can make the difference in enhancing the works on an international level, as well as creating new synergies and opportunities for brands, companies and entrepreneurs.



Nikki Beach & l’arte

Nikki Beach - Cala Petra Ruja
As on the island of Sicily a great friendship was born between Guttuso and Picasso, on the beautiful island of Sardinia in the setting of Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda, we propose this synergy by presenting an international work such as Picasso’s Guernica remade in his homage by Guttuso.


78. Venice cinema exhibition at dinner with art in the name of Canova


In the splendid setting of the city of Venice, during the most “red” event of the year, the Venice Film Festival, in the presence of VIPs and international personalities, we will open the celebrations of the Canova year.
In the Campari Terrace in collaboration with Tino Eventi, Masterpieces Group, organizes the dinner event with art: “Towards 2022, in the name of Canova”.
Exclusively during the dinner, a work by Canova from a private collection will be exhibited.
Selected guests will be able to participate in this unique event and taste dishes specially created by chef Vettorello.
Because art is also an experience to be lived.

For info and reservations:


Montecarlo Yacht Club

10 Days of Culture

An important and prestigious art exhibition was displayed during Autumn of 2019 at the Montecarlo Yacht Club.
In collaboration with the Société des Arts, we created 10 days of culture with the showcasing of 30 artworks from private collectors.
A unique international event made to enhance a selection of carefully studied and analyzed works from private collections, thus presenting them to the public through a temporary art exhibition with free admission.
A fusion of ancient, modern and contemporary pieces from Renaissance artists such as Giampietrino and Tiepolo, to Guttuso, Schifano, Adami and even up to contemporary artists such as Nadia Fanelli, Battaglini, Accardi, Reka Nyiari and the wonderful sculptures of Jivko Sedlarski, represented in Italy exclusively by Masterpieces Group.
The exhibition’s closing was celebrated through a dinner which ended to be a great success, where 200 unique personalities, from private collectors and prominent entrepreneurs to Russian oligarchs, attended and tasted refined food while wrapped in those prestigious artworks, with the possibility of purchasing them directly.


Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo

Other prestigious exhibitions are scheduled for the near future.
This Summer we will be present in the spectacular location of the old port of Porto Cervo at the Waterfront together with the World’s top brands, with an exhibition space where we will present a selection of artworks of immense historical-artistic and economic value.
The Art Master magazine will be distributed at our exhibition space in Costa Smeralda during these months, bringing there a breath of culture.


Dinner with the Artwork

Prestigious location and exclusive restaurants

The “Dinner with Opera” format, where we combined art with refined food, thus creating a lounge where new synergies were born in prestigious locations, such as exclusive restaurants, has been a great success.
This format is easily duplicable, thanks to our exclusive art management services.





for brands, companies and entrepreneurs

There are several and interesting opportunities that we may offer through this kind of exhibition:

  • For locations, the possibility of creating site-specific events, increasing the value of one’s image through the works of great value that are exhibited;
  • Partnership in the realization of this kind of art event,
  • Sponsorship: possibility to become sponsor of the art event,
  • Tailor Made Events: we can create other typologies of tailor-made events, based on the specific needs of brands or companies
  • Advertising in the periodic art magazine – The Art Master series – , and reaching, through its distribution, prestigious locations such as museums, golf clubs, exclusive clubs, professionals, important lounges, art collectors, auction houses and important Italian and European families.

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