Company Profile

Masterpieces Group Srl was born from the passion and dedication for art with the intent to demonstrate how art is “alive” and needs to leave the museums to go back to its origins: to be visible, approachable and accessible to all.

After many years of study in the sector, the founder arch. Riccardo Manfrin decided to prove that it can be done!

Art have to be accessible, visible and it must create a live experience in close contact with the artworks. This is our belief and it has become our mission.

Thus was born Masterpieces Group Srl, a company specialized in the management of works of art, which, thanks to a team of great professionals of international caliber in the field, deals both with the management of single works of art up to entire collections.

Trait d’Union

between historians, restorers, collectors and museums.

It aims to be a unique interlocutor able to provide all services related to the art world, by dealing with the whole process:

  • Management and enhancement of works of art, also through specific publications;
  • publication of THE ART MASTER, a collector’s and in-depth magazine;
  • organization of art exhibitions in Italy and abroad;
  • tailor-made events with the purpose to enhance the works and create new company synergies.
The concrete management of a wide variety of artworks that have been entrusted to us for years by their owners and collectors is our strength and makes the real difference between us and other companies operating in the art world.


The management of the works of art allows us to organize exhibitions and tailor-made events in Italy and abroad, thus giving Brands, companies and individuals the opportunity to link their image to the disruptive power of art.
  • For individuals, a personalized and step-by-step path to enhance, acquire or alienate their works of art;
  • For locations, the possibility to create site-specific events, increasing the value of one’s image through the works of great value that are exhibited;
  • Advertising in the periodic art magazine – The Art Master series – , and reaching, through its distribution, prestigious locations such as museums, golf clubs, exclusive clubs, professionals, important lounges, art collectors, auction houses and important Italian and European families;
  • Partnership in the creation of art exhibitions and / or events in Italy and abroad;
  • Sponsorship: possibility of becoming sponsor of art exhibitions and / or events in Italy and abroad;
  • Tailor made events: we can create tailor-made events, based on the specific needs and objectives of brands or companies.

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